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Photo by Raul Cacho Oses via Unsplash

Photo by Yumming Wang via Unsplash

RESPiRES in Mexico City

The map shows the project boundary for RESPiRES in Mexico City, with the pink dots showing the blue-spaces (streams, rivers, canals, ponds and lakes) where we are conducting water surveys. These water surveys involve recording information about each site including features of the waterbody, how it is used by people, what vegetation is growing there and how noisy it is. 

On some sites, we then take more detailed measurements to give us information about water quality. These include dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, depth and flow. We take samples of the water to analyse in the lab, including identifying which algae species are present - see news section for information about our work on algae and other updates. 

Mexico water sites October2019zoomed.jpg
RESPiRES in Mexico City: working with people

In Mexico City, we have been undertaking different pieces of work with local people, to understand better how people use and value their local blue-spaces.

The picture opposite shows residents taking part in a walking workshop which formed part of our Participatory Video study. 


In addition to this, we have conducted an online questionnaire and interviews with community groups who are involved with managing and caring for blue-spaces in Mexico City


All updates about our work with people can be found in our news section. 

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